【Homemade drying potato】


My favorite and drying potatoes.

By a supplementary prize of the contest performed in Ibaraki 3 years before.

Taking a cardboard box’s getting a box of red excellence as a start.

It has been dried and potato making has been begun.

It’s announced selfishly here.

“The kind rank which is still a potato tightly in a drying potato”

1 and red excellence

2 and ball Yutaka

3 and purple potato

Red excellence is the kind a sticky drying bumpkin recommends to a favorite person.

Because I don’t come across it so much in Tokyo.

When I see selling them, it’s bought carelessly.

Ball Yutaka is the righteous government kind of drying potatoes.

The gusto which is stability without a habit.

And eccentric’s purple potato.

Because I received the one partner’s mother brought up.

If it’ll be dried by curiosity.

It’s delicious unexpectedly.

The little but peculiar good fragrance makes the sweetness a NE TORI sense.

By the way, a picture?

The red excellence dried for the snacks.

If it’s being dried, a bird seems to have been picking.

It was eaten a lot.

When I think of a verandah of my home as a light meal place by the birds.

Be not the feeling that you’re happy what it is.

Eat after it’s warmed over a fire tightly carefully in an aspect of good hygiene, with U.