Yui Aida

I was born in 1982. From Tokyo-to.
Tokyo Metropolitan University (a present metropolitan university, Tokyo) engineering department school of architecture graduation.
Via an advertising agency and bagel cafe duties.
I start “Tsucurite”.
A snack with the fruit and the vegetables by which dairy products and egg are nonuse and season, manufacturing and sales.
Sale of a snack (event opening of the stall, wholesale and catalog selling), space cooperation of workshop holding (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Miyagi and Taipei) and 2012-the menu consultation in May, 2015 “stationery cafe” and a magazine “ESSE”, a wedding and snack making for events of an enterprise are experienced so far.
Activity in Taipei is also begun from 2014.
I performed as “food painter” at Taiwan fest 2017 in Vancouver and Toronto.