【Bad cookie of number 1 of history】


I like to experiment very much.
If a snack is decided, I’ll also experiment on a dish immediately.
Skin of peanut and the cookie by which onion grated and put in raisins were made on this day.
Leather of peanut has come out in quantities in SHUTOREN.
It’s nutritious, so without eating, DA thrown away is wasteful!
It’s curry that it was moto of this idea.
It’s because it was remembered that good curry with onion, peanut and raisins had been eaten.

When I made the salty taste work rather a little hard, and it was baked, it was the strange taste.
Greenness of the onion and the thick sweetness of the raisins don’t match at all!
This may be my first time to have a bad snack to here.

And the one which was warmed up later is this.


Onion and green laver cookie.
Even an event is sometimes the recipe which is being taken out, so it’s gusto of stability.

Frying and also taking onion, the chemistry with the raisins or.
I’m interested, and it’s inevitable, so I think I’ll experiment again soon.

The thick sweetness is incompatible with greenness.

The inside where such lesson is a head, it coursed through.