【Soy sauce, DEKOPON and cocoa muffin】


After I meet good citrus fruits by MARCHE in the sun the other day.
A citrus boom comes.

This day is an experimental production of the muffin for which a homemade DEKOPON peel was used.

If a DEKOPON peel will be carried and baked on the hot chocolate birthplace.
It isn’t quite satisfactory whether it’s by the taste of the imagination street.

If so soy sauce will be put in and baked a little in a hot chocolate birthplace next.
This hits!
Bittersweet of the jam and fragrance of the soy sauce were felt.
The jam juicier than a peel seems to fit.
You distributed DEKOPON my parents received from an acquaintance in Yamaguchi-ken exactly and.
“God’s will?”
Today’s these days of which I think so.