【The way to do avocado in ready to eat】


I usually use it today.

About ripening method of avocado.

The avocado by which even snack making uses a usual meal.

The color taste is different at the right of a picture and the left.

The one the left side put in a plastic bag with tomato.

The one the right side left in room temperature.

It was the ripe condition of the same degree until 1 day ago.

As the way to make avocado ripen it

The person who could enter a plastic bag with tomato seems to have high effect.

The vegetables and the fruit put in together?

If taking out much ethylene, everything is OK.
For example banana, broccoli, persimmon and apple.

After I know this subtle technique.

That the avocado which waited to ripen too much spoils has disappeared.

It’s apparent that an avocado recipe of my home is increasing one after another with this!