【Winter field】


Summer is the field where water doing was being done twice every day.
Winter is basic neglect.

The 1st picture is Japanese radish.
Because about 10 bottles are planted.
I’m going up to a dining table of my home every day.


The 2nd picture is also Japanese radish.
This is the red kind.


The yellow carrot by which the 3rd picture seems tight.
I kill so that I may grow up big originally.
If I think it’s pitiful to kill what it’s and make it the condition.
It has been the feeling to seem quite hard.


And the 4th picture is rucola.
I worried that it might wither up when it snowed.
If I’ll put snow aside and be hoping immediately.
I reached safely.
MAKEZU often exerted itself in the coldness!

The back is to the extent the rest of kohlrabi is planted a little.
A dining table of home of 2 person living?
The ingredients from field are most.

Bought vegetables?
Kinds of mushrooms, leek kinds and potatoes, only a little.

After ten Mr. next door neighbors exchange vegetables for the back.
It’ll become abundant in a dining table of my home.

If it becomes a little warmer.
I’m planning to arrange ground and prepare for planting in spring.

After something to want to bring up is chosen.
ZO which is also made a substantial field from last year!