【Egg and nonuse of dairy goods Recipe of a basic cookie】


The guest who makes with an event and takes a snack from TE in his hand?
“You can’t be allergic to it and eat an over-the-counter snack.”
“Because it’s subject to fat matter restrictions by sickness, an over-the-counter snack can’t be bought.”
There aren’t few people who tell.

There are a lot of people making a snack by hand by yourself, too.
“When it’s made by itself, it doesn’t work.”
I often also hear the voice which says so.

So I think I’ll be making and be exhibiting a recipe of Tsucurite.

I’ll introduce a basic cookie today.
Nonuse as well as egg and dairy goods.
The recipe which can be made with resistor oven for domestic use.
The version which doesn’t have much fat matter and the pear version of nuts kinds?
It’ll be expected to carry it later.

Basic cookie

The material (for 1 heaven board of an oven for domestic use)

A chopper is 55 grams of oil.
40 grams of water
55 grams of millet sugar
45 grams of poodle of almonds
220 grams of weak flour
Salt Pinch.

How to make

1、Oil and water are put in 1 and a ball.


I put the scale under the ball and am measuring.

2、 mix for about 1 minute by 2 and a spatula and make them be emulsified.


This is a point.
A picture has been just mixed for about 30 seconds.
It’s mixed until the whole becomes whitish.
I have to make them be emulsified tightly here, oil doesn’t permeate the flour which will be mixed later.
Oil is saved and is sticky completing on the surface.

3、 Add sugar and mix.


You can enter just as it is except for the case of sugar when I turn into the solid mass, and it’s OK.
Mixed later is such feeling.


4、Add a poodle of almonds.


I’m active by a basket.
(Because the powder sieve is difficult to clean beautifully to every corner.)

5, weak flour and salt are added and mixed.


Like powder of almonds, flour is put in on the basket.
A basket is shaken and flour is dropped.
When flour isn’t falling naturally.
As flour is mixed with a spoon, it’ll be used.


Don’t push flour towards that time’s point at a back of the spoon.
Because flour passes a condition basket of a block when it’s pushed.
The meaning of the basket disappears.

And fabric even mixes the place which becomes a group.


6、put on the oven seat and it’s extended to about 5 mm of thickness by a rolling pin.


Fabric is put in the center and the stainless stick which becomes the scale is put in the both ends of a rolling pin.
Even if I substitute disposable wooden chopsticks of about 5 mm of thickness when there are no stainless sticks, it’s OK.
(Disposable wooden chopsticks in a convenience store seem to be about 4 mm.)

Before the person who would like to bake arrangements well increases, preheating starts an oven in 180 ℃.


7、I cut the favorite size.


The person who increased a cut bakes crisply.
I use a stainless stick, but even a ruler is OK.
It’s OK to remove it by the cookie type of course.
When using a knife, please be careful so that an oven seat doesn’t break.

8、An oven is preheated in 180 ℃.


Before increasing fabric when I’d like to bake arrangements well, please begin to preheat.
By the way, because I’m rather early and preheating is completed and is the type which is impatient when sound is PI.

9、Preheating bakes it for 10 minutes by 170 ℃ including a cookie in the oven which has ended.
A heaven board will be taken out in 10 minutes, more are baked for 10 minutes by reversing the front and the inside, and, finish.


Every finish 100g, 481kcal and fat matter 22.5g

By the way, that I use it at a house?
Bistro NE-BS1000 of Panasonic.
Please adjust the calcinated hour and the firing temperature by an oven.

About a calorie and fat matter
About each material, about the trick, and, about an arrangement.
There are many things I’d like still to write.
Transcendence becomes long, so it’s to here today.

As a circle of snacks without egg and dairy products will expand!