【Ginger cake of japanese marron】


Wakuri who keeps making a picture in more than already 3 and ginger cake.
Ginger is built up and it’s a snack with Wakuri’s homemade inner skin boiling in a crowded birthplace.

It’s a popular snack each time by an event.
When cutting, I always throb.

“Is chestnuts seen as the aspect?”
Because but I’m worried.

After I swell fabric, and I consider that the location of the chestnuts shifts to the outside while it’s being baked.
It’s being arranged so that chestnuts may come to the location cut exactly when baking.
There is also a case that I fail about once a year.

When so the toughness of the chestnuts is felt when cutting.
Relieved reason.

The guests looking forward each time are a lot of snacks, too and.
Please also show your face neatly next time!