【Cherry blossom rice cake scone】


First, news of a branch.
A stall is opened in MARCHE in the sun on Saturday, March 12.
A line-up schedule on this day is such feeling.

* Broccoli and cake of a deco pong
* Wakuri’s gingerbread
* TOCHIO TOME and hot chocolate cake
* Pickled plum chocolate cake
* Citron fermented soybean paste powdered green tea cake
* Pumpkin peanut butter tart
* Guinea pepper with seven tastes nuts
* Tomato, Thai curry and cookie of a spirulina
* Wakuri’s, around, cookie
* Cherry blossom rice cake scone
* SHUTOREN of cherry tree and strawberry

It depends on supply condition of the ingredient, so when you can catch with a schedule thoroughly, I’m thankful.

The season when March is a cherry tree.
By MARCHE in Common Life and the sun, the goddess of children hand creating fair and catalog selling.
A cherry blossom rice cake scone of a picture will introduce itself.

Cherry tree souse is built up with a potbellied sumo wrestler, and it’s crowded scone fabric and.
The snack which piled up powdered green tea cookie dough.

Because a cherry tree is the snack which can’t be served in April which scatters.
The one with interest is right or wrong!