【The baggage of an event branch】


Much of an event submitting person in the hand creating city is carrying the baggage in by car.
Fortunately, vicinage’s parking seems tight.
When there are no cars, it’s impossible in case of goods with an umbrella.
I’m jolted in the train and am hand baggage carrying in.
“How is it being carried?”
It’s often heard so, so it’s opened a little.

The 1st picture is used at present.
Suitcase with the size used for travel for 5 days.
There was weight of the stuffed snack in the inside, so it was made the light soft type.

And that it opens, such feeling.


When it’s seen from the top, it’s seen as it is little.
There is a snack in 3 beds.
The snack which is heavy in the way which becomes the bottom and rather strong.
A light and fragile snack is being stuffed into the person who becomes the top.

Because it’ll be the amount which doesn’t finish fitting into this when it’ll be spring and Shuutou’s on season.
It’s put in corrugated cardboard at that time, and carries and goes separately.

And it’s seen so that I may still have enough room for a suitcase.
Such one as well as a snack are also taken.


The cloth kinds and the and all that of money kinds laid out in paper bag kinds, a business permit, a sign, display articles and a table.
This coin and cloth kinds are heavy.
This will be stuffed into a gap of a suitcase.
Because the baggage is deformed, and there is a fear that a snack breaks and is transformed while it’s being carried, when a gap becomes vacant.
It’s a point to stuff it tight.

And the one which shouldn’t be forgot is this.


The roll system table for outdoors.
There is also an event for which MARCHE in the sun prepares an article of furniture.
A submitting person brings a basis in.
The weight is 5kg.
I’ll sew on and shoulder string like a backpack.

That I say whether it’s the weight which is how much altogether, about 25 kilogram.
Even if the material of the cloth was changed for a weight cut, and it was devised, a wall of 25kg wasn’t crossed.
When having to lift a suitcase if it’s train movement, I have that.
I also become sensitive to a few steps.

“Why do you hold the baggage more than half of the weight is also and be going to open a stall.”
I think there are a lot of people who think so.
The pleasure beyond trouble and sense of fulfillment are obtained.
Whatever time goes out, because fresh delight can be felt every time, it isn’t resigned from.

When I thought 4 years ago, I opened a stall.
“Isn’t there a person writing on a blog about the baggage at the time of a branch.”
Even if I search a net for it, it has not come out and.
If providing with useful information of the person considering a branch, this is lucky!