【My tool of snack making】


Because there are a lot of people who do snack making for the person who sees my blog, too.
I’d like to introduce tool kinds of snack making I use habitually today.

Used tool kinds?
“Usability, the design and the durability”
I kept looking for 3 which are so in an index, and got settled at something of a picture.

< rolling pin>


The material is made in Maplewood.
2 kinds of length 25cm and 40cm are being used appropriately.
It’s dried and kept after boiling water is hung after use.
The surface will put an oil protective coating, and is so smoothly that it’s used.
I tend to match with a hand and use it.
When increasing cookie dough, there are also no cases that fabric is being attached.
It’s said that the one on which you put a silicon protective coating is also easy to use.
If I think it’s used lengthily, a little, it’s expensive, this is recommended.

< bowl>


Munemichi Yanagi’s.
The size has 16cm, 19cm and 23cm.
A cookie of about for 1 heaven board of an oven for domestic use, 19 cm.
Cake kinds of about for 1 pound type use 23cm.
The 16cm is convenient as a temporary place by the filling kinds.

There is no unevenness on the surface and mix blotches of fabric aren’t made.
And I’d like a balance of a depth and a spread of the upper part.
There is also no worry which looks to flour with FA.
And above all, the design is excellent.
Shall I make an additional purchase of 19cm in the usability which is so much, I worry.

< the scale of the thickness of the cookie>


A corner stick of stainless 5mm x 5 mm.
There is also something being sold as the cookie scale.
The length was short for me, so it was bought at a metallic material department of Tokyu hands.
Home improvement centers should be sold.
Because you can cut it when designating the length.
When arranging KOBA by a file, the back is OK.

There is a person with the wooden scale, too.
Because it’s compressed when I keep using it.
I, stainless steel, SUSUME.

< dredge>


When making bread rather than a snack, this is a used tool.
Something by which it’s cuoca that I use it.
The toughness and lightness fit me.
By the way, because the bent condition is different from something in 100 yen shop entirely, and it’s easy to use.
cuoca and Tomisawa store recommend something in a confectionery material shop suddenly.

<baking seat>


Something able to repeat that I use it and use it.
Something sold in the state of the roll is cut in the size of the heaven board and it’s used.
Washing after use with detergent, and when betting and drying boiling water, it’s OK.
This, each company tried “the oven seat which can be used repeatedly”.
The sign with the very great strong difference.
Something weak will split immediately, and it can’t be used any more.
Even if something strong is used every day, it can be used in 1.
Something by which it’s a store in a rain jacket bridge as Umashima shop snack tool store to use habitually now.
It’s being bought at time with business to neighborhood, but it’s said that I can buy catalog selling.



The recommendation spatula which put an end to a spatula gypsy for reki 3 years.
Silicon spatula of a manufacturer as SO.
Integrate-type formation, so I’m also worried about an aspect of good hygiene, the durability which cries is also securely.
And the toughness and the bent condition are exquisite, and it’s charm to tend to use it.
So the heat resistant can also be used for candy making and warming in hot water of chocolate up to 280 ℃.
There is also black for the color.

< food processor>


It isn’t used by fabric making of a snack.
Making paste of pulse, and when kneading bread for homes, it’s useful.
You don’t need to have that, but when I have that, it’s a convenient tool.

And I give a discount at the end.


Spatula of a cuisinart accessory.
There is probably no heat-resistance, but it’s strong and doesn’t bend, so when mixing a great deal of fabric quickly, it’s convenient.

That’s it for the basic tool.
When it’s a hint of the person who does snack making and the person who would like to do, this is lucky!