【Final income tax return in a snack shop】


Time of the final income tax return also came this year.

Because it’s the nature which doesn’t like gathering at the end.
Accounts was kept quietly every month.
A receipt of the material amassed in autumn of on season-winter was leaving a phlegm ball.

That a settlement is done quickly by fight, it was good until time.
To waver though it’s every year.
Municipal tax and insurance kinds.

I think I’ll gather as amnesia roku.

< the subtraction tempted by a final income tax return>
* Municipal tax
Because a frame is proportional to the income, and changes, subtraction non-target.
* State pension
Deductible object. Even if it’s separated in 2 and it’s indicated on a written application when having paid in advance for 2 years, it’s OK to mention together in 1.
* Life insurance kinds
Deductible object. It should be mentioned as it is written on the certificate which is being sent from an insurance company.
* National Health Insurance
Deductible object. It’s put back every household, so it may be reported to a conjugal separateness and it may be reported to a fellow together.

* The medical expenses
Only the occasion beyond 100,000 yen is a deductible object. (When the total net income of its year is less than 2,000,000 yen, the price of 5 % of total net income)

I send and am refreshed on February 17 this year.
By the way, when sending by mailing, it should be sent by simple registered mail.

Because it takes a stress when I defer a difficulty.
To finish in a forward leaning touch.
My basic style.

To be able to say this to everything.
It’s to have to do.
The person who has finished quickly doesn’t have to spare the thought.
The reason which can make an effort on a fun thing.

Well, let’s make a schedule from spring to summer!