【Bowl of grated Japanese radish and boiling mackerel】


A lot of Japanese radishes are planted in a field of my home.

Carrot and red Japanese radish were harvested on this day.

The depth of the earth cultivated as expected doesn’t seem to have been enough.
The Japanese radish short by plumpness.

Because I’m strong in the sweetness for this red Japanese radish.
It’s most suitable to grate and eat.

Rice on this day?
On black rice.
stir fried carrot and bran .
A little water and the mackerel boiled by grating of ginger.
And bowl with enough grated Japanese radish.


Because it’s difficult for water to come out even if red Japanese radish is grated.
Fresh grated Japanese radish is eaten.

A boiled person can eat mackerel entirely more than it’s baked.
It’s important to add and boil grating of ginger so as not to be interested in the bad smell.

I have about 6 more red Japanese radishes.
It should have been planted more!