【Flowering fern powdered green tea muffin】


A cold day still continues.
Spring is filling with a snack in the mind.

When I say spring, strawberry and cherry tree are an iron plate.
Green peas also entered a starting member in me from last year.
But that it’s boring only with that, it’s wild vegetable that I had my eye.

Because wild vegetable of a rice cooked with meat and vegetables are a little sweet and boil.
That they may also be able to use wild vegetable in a snack.

The wild vegetable I chose are a spring.
It’s being boiled a little superficially with brown sugar.
The formula in me.
“The harsh material matches brown sugar well.”
NI was here.

If it’s given a ride on the birthplace of a powdered green tea base and it’s baked.
I don’t match not completely satisfactory.

If so salt is put in powdered green tea fabric rather hard next.
It built into the taste reeled exactly.
The position which is a spring a little more, may it be embedded in the fabric?

I didn’t get a spring at the experimental production stage, so boiling in water was used.
It’s expected to use raw flowering fern in March.

It’s the sun.
Because I’m waiting for a visit in spring as usual!