【Cookie of grating pumpkin】


That I was steaming pumpkin and thought suddenly.

“When making a snack of

potatoes, why is it to use it after it’s heated certainly.”

The one by which even the same vegetables use for carrot grating is general.

Pumpkin and sweet potato?

That there are no cases that only used one saw after it was steamed and boiled, and it was boiled.

You could wonder.

So experiment.

I challenge a cookie with grated pumpkin.

It results.

Of pumpkin, it smells, but the sweetness is weak.

If I’ll be interested and check it.

Starch is taken apart by 65-75 times, and it’s said that it changes into glucide.

Even if it’s put in by raw grating, so the sweetness is the one which wasn’t left, isn’t it?

So is the sweetness of the potato difficult to feel for galette of potato?


When checking it before experimenting, it’s early.

Because the experienced one is convincing.

An experiment is an important process.