【Frying of the Jerusalem artichokes and tomato】


I have received by back alley MARCHE in Shin-maruko introduced by a blog yesterday.

Jerusalem artichokes.

The vegetables on the scene from autumn to early spring.

The name as “potato”.

Starchness is little and a potassium and dog phosphorus (water solubility, dietary fiber) are rich.
One piece of supper for some days is this.


The how to make is just easy.

After it’s fried with pumpkin.

Including tomato, SHI, when, it’s done and it’s made smothering.

After the Japanese parsley ordered there from Japanese parsley farmhouse in Sendai (boiled one) is taken on.


When the taste is handed down to the person who doesn’t have that potatoes which work were eaten.

“The food texture and the taste which look like lotus root”
It’s good of course and.

If I hear that it’s nutritious.

It’s felt better.

Kawasaki’s farmer and owner of Common Life

Thank you for telling me gusto of the Jerusalem artichokes!