【Let’s make mini parfait of vegetable!】


In January, it ends.

Back alley MARCHE in Shin-maruko was held.

After Common Life treating a snack participates, too.

Vegetables made in Kawasaki line up in front of the store.

So I kept a rise up and entered the war, too.

“I’ll make a vegetable mini parfait.”

After I title.

I prepared the material of the parfait with vegetables.

The 1st and powdered green tea popcorn


The popcorn on which I put a protective coating with powdered green tea and millet sugar.

I receive good popcorn from the regular customer before.

And the one which kept making could be announced.

Cream of the 2nd, potato and strawberry.


The material?

Steamed potato made in Kawasaki, soybean milk, strawberry made in Kawasaki and salt.

Oil isn’t used, so strong soybean milk is used to take out the body.

When fresh cream and soybean milk cream are used.

It’s thicker and builds into the rich taste.

To utilize the taste of the potato.

It was made with soybean milk this time.

The 3rd and molasses source of burdock.


The one which boiled as the name suggests and burdock with molasses.

Though much burdock of cutting into round slices was being put in.

Burdock has disappeared for the last one.

I’m sorry!

Everyone is so surprised to have been flooding burdock love.

The 4th and cake.

Like the 1st picture.

Wakuri gingerbread, a plum chocolate cake and a citron powdered green tea cake.

Cakes full of carrot, potato brownies and a rum raisin powdered green tea muffin, if.

About 6 kinds were prepared.

The 5th,Pumpkin chips.


After I cut pumpkin made in Kawasaki into thin slices.

I cover with oil thin by spray oil.

Salt was sprinkled and it was baked by an oven.

There are no PARI like an over-the-counter one and sense.

Because the pumpkin taste can be enjoyed fully.

My favorite.

And a constructed back sign is this.


After reading this article.

“Is it good?”

A skeptical person thinks it’s a lot.

But from the person who participated, many ones


Because O could be heard.

You can assert that it’s good!

Thanks to you, it’s sold-out for 32 meals I prepared.

Thank you very much for everyone!

Like this time.

Without reservation, WS which can participate casually is also funny, isn’t it?

Throughout the day, noisily, I’m happy because I can have time.

It’s last, 1.


3 shots of Common Life owner, her daughter and me.

I’m surprised at the height of the percentage of completion of facial panel of this owner work.

And I who likes headgear even prepared an exclusive panel.

I’m too happy, and the condition can be asked and added, and comes.

There was also an accident destroyed once on the way.

Anyway it was fun!

The Common Life owner who prepared variously

Husbands of the Common Life owner who supported the day

A daughter of the Common Life owner who made me calm down.

You have gone intentionally, the regular customers who make and are TE

The customer who always makes by Common Life and has buy a snack from TE.

And BJ Cafe of the next door neighbor who inserted champagne after having ended

Thank you very much for everyone!